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How it Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if someone comes to know my master password?

One must know that you are using Extrasafe to generate your password(s).

Additionally, your Extrasafe options must be known to

2. What are Extrasafe options?

It is the key to double your security. You have to remember what ever options you set. The options are Extra security sequence, Start index, End index

3. What is the use of Extra security sequence?

Its like another master password, also used to generate site passwords.

4. What are start and end indices?

They are number used to cut short the lengthy random string to the desired password size.

5. What are default Extrasafe options? and how to change them?

For extra security sequence, its {blank}

For start Index, its Default 0, Minimum 0, Maximum 116

For end Index, its Default 0, Minimum 12, Maximum 128

In browser extension, goto the manage extensions page and click options

In mobile application, you can see an options button

6. What if something goes wrong?

We have a backup plan!

Extrasafe Portable is a web page where you can give your site name, master password, extrasafe options to generate the site password when ever you need.

7. Where to raise my conserns?

Click here to raise your problems / new features.

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